• DJ Vito Presents New York's Classic Dance Music The Beginning Years Vol.1


    This CD is compiled with some of the greatest Classic Dance Music that started the Disco and Night Club era in NYC. I have made this CD to share with all who have great memories of the days of the "Beginning" of the Night Club scene in NYC of such great clubs as Superstar, Forbidden Fruit, Tageris, LaPinta, Cheetah, Hollywood, Hippopopotamus, Boat House, Infinity, The Sanctuary, The Monastery, LeJardin, Cavalaro, The Penthouse, Thursday's, Mr. Laff's and so many other great clubs from the years of 1972 to 1975. This is the Beginning.

    The Beginning Years Vol.1


    1. Think (About It) - Lyn Collins 1972 

    2. Woman - Barabas 1972 

    3. Always There - Side Effect 1975 

    4. Zing Went The Beat Of My Heart - The Tramps 1972 

    5. Ask Me - Ecstasy Passion Pain 1974 

    6. When The fuel Runs Out - Executive Suite1973

    7. Armed & Extremely Dangerous - First Choice 1973   

    8.  I Can't Fight Your Love - The Modulations 1974   

    9. Oh, No Not My Baby -  DeBlanc 1975 

    10. Stop & Think - The Tramps 1974 

    11. Midnight Love Affair - Carol Douglas 1974 

    12. Sugar Pie Guy - The Joneses 1974 

    13. Why Not Today - 9TH Creation  1975 

    14. La La Peace Song - O.C.Smith 1972 

    About This CD


    These songs are some of the most popular music played back in the day. The Lyn Collins track has been sampled many times, but famously by Rob Bass - "It Takes Two", which became a number 1 hit in the late 80's. Barasbas was one of the cross over songs that you found in the clubs and at the renowned Salsa club, Corso's -great rhythm track. The Side Effect track continues in the same cross over venue with some great energy for its day. The Tramps, Ectasy Passion Pain, and First Choice are just great groups who continued to put out great dance music during the first decade of disco. The Modulations, De Blanc and The Joneses tracks are great R&B hustle music for its day. Carol Douglas - Midnight Love Affair was just one of those great songs that made you get on the dance floor which still continues as a great dance classic. Finally, the last two tracks are ones of my favorites. The 9th Creation - Why Not Today - has one of greatest vocal chorus and harmony that was overlooked in its time. The words in the chorus are just fabulous telling a great love story and giving a beautiful message to all who have a love affair just starting. And for the final track, O.C. Smith - LaLa The Peace - this track was place at the end of this CD due to its message of peace, my support of our troops overseas and for the love of this great country we live in - USA. May all are troops be safe. Great song and dance record.

    To All - Enjoy With Great Memories