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Your Favorite Classic Dance Music is Back
From One of New York City's Legendary Club DJs

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DJ Vito Insinga has been in the Music and Entertainment Industry for numerous years. One of NYC's First Club DJ's, Vito started on the "Wheels of Steel" in 1973 at one of New York City's first supper and single's club called "Thursday's". Enjoying a very successful and acclaimed career playing for many of thousands of people from NYC to Fire Island to The Hamptons. Vito was one of Billboard First Dance Chart Reporters, founding member of NYC First Record Pool, IDRC, and a regular on Frankie Crocker's After Work Dance Party Show's on WBLS. The real Disco era started in 1972 in NYC with some of the greatest nightclubs to be found. These great clubs are listed on the 2nd page - which, if you remember those great clubs and times then you will remember that great music. Now Vito is introducing all the music that you heard back in the early 1970s, 1980s and 1990's. Vito brings you the best of New York's Classic Dance Music and mixed CD compilations. His CDs feature the great old songs that are hard to find and that will bring back many great memories.

  To All My Dear Friends, Visitors & Listeners

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They Cant, because I was never a mobile DJ, strickly a Club DJ holding residency at all my clubs playing OTC. I don't own a mobile DJ system never did and the private parties that I did, which were very few, were only for a very selective, upscale and affluential people who were patrons of my clubs and I would rent out the audio/DJ system.

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USA DANCE RADIO was launched as a hobby, my love for music and to have some fun. It is FREE to listen to by anyone in the world. I do not charge anyone to listen. All the banners on my sites are there for FREE. I support all these worthy causes with both donations from myself, my time and FREE advertisements. All the DJs that play on USA DANCE RADIO play for FREE. They receive free promotion; you get to hear great mixed music. All artists receive there share of royalties which I paid though RIAA, BMI, ASCAP. I support all the great artists out there both independent & majors. I have asked for nothing in return except for everyone to keep dancin’. I believe music is one of the keys of life & makes the world a better and happier place. My bio on this website is true & factual. I had the privilege to work at some of the greatest clubs in NYC during my career for some of the greatest owners in the business. I was the resident DJ at all my clubs playing 4 to 5 nights (OTC) a week sometimes 14 days in a row, if it was a holiday. I’ve been a Club DJ from 1973 to 1995 and still continue to this day. I've had the honor of playing to a pack house every night. If you came into my club the party was just not on the dance floor but also in the booth. If you add it all up its over 2 million people I have played for & they were the greatest crowd you could ask for. I hold sacred to me all the great DJs of my time, all the wonderful memories from those days that we all shared and all the great people I have met. My life & career has been one magical fantastic ride which I hope will never end.

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Vito Insinga aka DJ Vito 


Night Clubs:

  • 1973-1975: Resident DJ at Thursday's Supper Club
  • 1975-1978: Resident DJ at Mr. Laffs / Koatails, one of NYC's hottest clubs on the Upper East Side
  • 1977-1978: LeClub, New York City's most exclusive and oldest private club 
  • 1978: Atlantic City in Resorts International Casino AC/DC night club
  • 1978: Mudd Club, New York New York
  • 1979–1981: Resident DJ at Long Island's largest night club 2001  Odyssey
  • 1980–1981-1982: Resident DJ Summer Weekend Nights and Saturday Tea Dance at Flynn's Fire Island
  • 1982–1983: Club Marakesh in West Hampton Beach
  • 1983–1988:Resident DJ at NYC's Largest and Finest Gay Women's Night Club - Shescapes - and guest spots and alternated DJ for The Underground 
  • 1984-85-86: Gay Pride Night - Underground NYC
  • 1992-1995: Resident DJ LeClub
  • 2005-2006: 21 Water Sag Harbor, Hamptons - Special Events Southampton & East End L.I.
  • Plus numerous Guest Spots in the Metropolitan NY area

Spinning Progressive Vocal House, Electronic Dance, Classic Dance / Hip Hop & R&B

New York's Classic Dance Music

The Beginning Years Vol. 1

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Legendary Mixmaster


NYC's Legendary Club DJ
New York's Classic Dance Music
Fire Island Early Morning Re-Visited

"A Love Affair"

                  Changin-Sharon Ridley                                                         Young Hearts Run Free-Candi Stanton
                  Hot Butterfly-Gregg Diamond                                              Was That All It Was-Jean Carr
                  You'll Never Know-Hi-Gloss                                                 It Should Have Been Me-Adevax     
                  Dont Pity Me-Faith Hope & Charity                                    It's Over-Alma Faye
                  Someday Will Be Together-Pointer Sister                       SaturdayNightSundayMorning-ThelmaH ouston
                  Standing Right There-Melba Moore                                   You Stepped Into My Life-Melba Moore
                  Love No Longer Has a Hold On Me-Johnny Bristol         Inside Out-Odyssey

Reprise Bonus Track - It Should Have Been Me - Yvonne Fair

This CD is Dedicated in Parts to the Memory & Music of One of NYC's Great Club DJ's - Roy Thode

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